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Are you ready to wave 'Good Bye' to all those symptoms and imbalances we often dub as "normal" but which are really only common and feel your best everyday, in your body, in your mind & in your soul and radiate and attract that in your environment, too? Ready to feel thriving every day, instead of just surviving and connecting to the full depth of your highest self? 
If you want to feel holistically whole, pure, healthy and empowered from within...this is your place!

Hi there! 
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I feel honored to have you here. My name is Lena and my soul purpose is to help YOU become your own healer and embody empowerment - becoming your highest self by cultivating health and in your body, mind and emotions with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda bridged to modern knowledge and lifestyle!
Keep scrolling to find out more about me and some of my  offerings. - Check out the menu options to learn more and delve deeper into everything natural holistic living and becoming your highest self and thrive with Ayurveda, a 5000 year old natural medicine system from ancient India! Talking of which:

Find out your personal Body-Mind Type with my free  Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz to really personalize healing and make everything you find on here even more relevant to you!
Please feel free to get in touch with me via the socials or email if you have any questions at all!

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I am looking forward to seeing more of you!

With love,      Lena K.

Need a good listen?

The State of Flow Podcast is a place to discuss everything holistic thriving, creating your flow state and becoming your highest evolvement while on the training ground called earth marrying soul-wisdom with modern bad-ass living to access your greatest potential.
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How can you become YOUR highest self? What is your missing piece to becoming your healthiest, happiest and most successful version of you? With relatable ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and body-mind-emotion synergy in my 12 WEEK HOLISTIC TRANSFORMATION program we'll be fine-tuning 1:1 in nutrition and nourishment, physical health and exercise, mindset, conscious connection & relationship, personal development & spirituality, mental & emotional balance +more for you to thrive and get the tools you need to get you back to center and up! Learn more here.

What's the missing piece of your puzzle to live your full potential?

Learn how you can work closely with Lena in a individualised one-on-one online coaching programs to improve your body-mind-emotion balance and create more health, happiness and thrive in your life here...

Did you know you have a personal Ayurvedic body-mind type that determines what brings you balance?


What is your personal Ayurvedic Body-Mind type? Once you know your dominant Dosha you'll be able to create more balance by making food & lifestyle choices benefiting your true nature and genetic blue-print. Click here to take the quiz!

Sick of feeling stressed, tired, exhausted, fatigue every day? Or not feeling a million bucks because you've had to put yourself last while juggling life? Yearning for simply more EASE in your daily life and feeling in the flow, regardless the situation, you just want to FEEL GOOD every day, not a week into that too rare holiday? Learn how to adopt simple yet profound ways, practices and tools for doing daily life to authentically thrive more and optimise your wellbeing and performance (create your flow state), no mat

As a Yoga Teacher & Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner trained in India and the West Lena believes that "Movement is Medicine" and teaches yoga, breathwork, meditation & mindfulness individualised to your needs with the aim to decompress & create space on all levels, promoting the flow of chi/prana/life force in order to release physical, emotional and mental tension or trauma. 

Work with her 1:1 online or in person and learn more here... or join one of her events in her local area here!

MY Yoga Story: How I Found Yoga& Where I Am TODAY

 Living in a Vata-prone society, stress is number one root cause of just about all 

disease & mental/emotional imbalances. Learn how to manage stress in your life and optimize your mental-emotional state and physical body utilising relaxation 

 response techniques, mindfulness, pranayama, yoga asana & more here... 


"Lena is a very special therapist. She acts from the heart with no ego in sight. Lena is a clear conduit who doesn't impose on your personal experience. She facilitates and creates the space and we receive. We are lucky to have her offering her skills in the South West. Thanks for such an awesome, healing massage today."


Attending a casual yoga class, Lena was able to modify poses and work through a series of exercises that really helped with a sever, ongoing injury. 
Furthered with maintenance and dietary advice I've never met such a genuine and passionate practitioner. Very well rounded and with phenomenal knowledge.


Rebalance and replenish your electro-magnetic field and body-mind-spirit utilising (distance) healing via channelling universal lifeforce energy (Rei-Ki) with Lena.

Be taken onto your own Reiki empowerment journey and become attuned to practice Reiki on yourself or become an energy healing practitioner here...


Where I share motivational quotes, fairy soul insights and everything holistic, natural, happy & healthy living and lifestyle in every area. I'm all about "walking the talk" and making ancient practices and spirituality attainable for everyone in 21st century daily life - and for the sake of sharing exactly that I love visual platforms like the gram.
I'd love to connect with you on the socials! Lena

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